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How does Life Touch Homemaker & Companion assess plan of care?

There are simple criteria that management uses to assess an individual’s plan of care. A few significant signs that warrant in-home care are as follows:

  • Problems with managing finances (not paying bills)
  • Problems with walking or balance, getting up or down, or transferring in and out of bed.
  • History of falls.
  • Diminished appetite or willingness to prepare meals.
  • Not remembering to take medication or get prescriptions refilled, difficulty managing multiple prescriptions.
  • Changes in personal grooming or hygiene such as uncombed hair, body odor, infrequent bathing or shaving, or wearing unclean or stained clothing.
  • Confusion, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and changes in personality.
  • The home has become cluttered or unclean.
Does Life Touch Homemaker & Companion have the bonding and insurance coverage required by the State of Florida?
Yes, Life Touch Homemaker & Companion has both professional and general liability, as well as bonding for all employees.
What is the average costs for In-Home Care Services in the State of Florida?
According to the 2011 MARKET SURVEY OF LONG-TERM CARE COSTS, the cost for inhome care in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas range from $15-$25 per hour. Source:
How are team members trained and qualified?
Life Touch Homemaker & Companion management understands that education empowers team members to give more than just average care. General orientation training and company paid continuing education (CPR, First Aid, and many other certifications) is mandatory for everyone. Our primary instructor has nearly 50 years of experience as a Registered Nurse (RN), and as a qualified training specialist in the medical field.
What type of payment do you accept?
We accept Private Pay, Long-Term Health Insurance and Medicaid.
How long will it take for Life Touch Homemaker & Companion to begin in-home service?
In most cases, Life Touch Homemaker & Companion can establish service the same day in an emergency situation. Ideally, we estimate 1-2 days for initial assessment and Caregiver assignment, upon approval from the individual or legal guardian. We want to ensure all basis are covered and that you are comfortable with the Caregiver that will be entering your home.
How do I start Home Care Services with Life Touch Homemaker & Companion?
Fill-out contact us page on website or call us.
Can I choose the Caregiver that will be coming in to my home?
Absolutely. You being “The Boss” of who enters your home is extremely important to us! We realize that we are of no value if you are not comfortable with the Caregiver that comes to your home. Even after a Caregiver is assigned, and you or a loved one feels that they are not a proper fit or is uncomfortable for any reason, you may discreetly request a new Caregiver by contacting the manager assigned to you or your loved one.
Where are your service areas?
Duval, St. Johns and surrounding areas.
Where do you provide service?
Life Touch Homemaker & Companion typically provides care in the home of the individual in need. In most cases, we can also provide care in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and hospice.