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See what our clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.

29 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. I have had the privilege of working with Life Touch for over 5 years as an instructor/trainer. After seeing the incredible care they provide ,one thought comes to mind. These caregivers consistently go above and beyond out of love and compassion for their clients.

  2. I used Life Touch to provide care for my late wife, who was house-bound with a stomach feeding tube and was on oxygen 24/7.
    I originally hired them on a short term basis to provide care while our original care taker needed surgery.
    My wife and I was so pleased with their professional and caring service that we hired them on a full time basis.
    I highly recommend them to provide care for you or your family member. They really do live up to there name, LIFE TOUCH,For they will Touch the lives of you and your love ones with the care they provide.
    Lonnie Paulk

  3. LifeTouch provided thoughtful and tender care for many years to my dad who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. As his disease advanced and he needed more care, I could depend on them to provide as much help as we need it to get through the really tough days. All the helpers demonstrated an impressive focus on my dad‘s well-being. Knowing how much they genuinely cared about him make it easier for me to keep up with my responsibilities at work, etc. Thank you LifeTouch!

    Lisa and Hartman family. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience on our website. Your father was A special man. We learned a lot from him and his spirit. Thank you for the opportunity to be in your home and to assist with his care. – Life Touch Team

  4. Life Touch provided us with the right fit HHA. Professional Company who love the elderly. Ask for Sheila Johnson

    Jim and Lyndee. You both are such a blessing.
    It’s nice to have a support team like you. —Sherri

  5. Lonnie,

    Thank you so much for your post and recommendation. We truly are blessed to have met Ruth. You and Kim are extraordinary people.

  6. Thank you Verdeen for posting on our website. And for referring your aunt to our company. We sure love you, like family

  7. This is a very loving and very professional home care company. The employees are well trained and treat each person with dignity and excellent care. The CEO Sherri has a compassionate heart and has great integrity. If you have a love one that you want excellent care for this is the best. Thank You Sherri for the help with equipment while my moma Mae Lingold was visiting from Naples, Florida. You always go the extra mile to help others. Lifetouch is a great company.

    • I have a good stepmother. Faye
      we appreciate your assistance
      in random calls to come and help
      us. The love of seniors just
      runs in the family.

  8. Life Touch helped When I couldn’t drive anymore. They made sure I got to my doctors appointments and then I got my prescriptions picked up.

  9. I first met Sherri in 2012 when she took care of my dad(84). At his age, dad had no problem expressing if he liked a caregiver or not. Dad adored Sherri because he recognized the high level of care and compassion she showed him. We loved Sherri for the same reasons.

    Now that Sherri has Life Touch, they’ve taken care of mom on several occasions. We’ve seen the same level of care and compassion as in the past. I will always call on Life Touch for future needs.

    You can trust Life Touch with your loved one’s care.

    • Michael and the Ulsch family. Michael
      thank you for the kind words. Your
      mother and father were quite the
      role models too many people. It
      was an honor to care for your father
      and learn many things from him
      including how to keep a garden.
      Your mother is a woman of faith,
      who puts her love in action.
      Thank you for assisting us in taking
      good care of the both of them.

  10. Life Touch is so much more than words can describe. We are a family and our clients become part of that family from day one. Life Touch goes above and beyond taking care of loved ones. It was an honor to work for such a wonderful company while I was pursuing my education in Nursing. If you are looking for passionate professionals to care for your loved one, Life Touch is the place to go!

  11. Morgan it’s professionals like yourself We need more of these days. Thank you for taking a proactive approach with our team to raise the Standard of our services. Your Keen intuitiveness and listening skills help to prevent several potential bad outcomes for some of our clients. We appreciate your professionalism and miss you very much.

  12. The team at LifeTouch is an incredible Blessing to me and my family! They are honest and trustworthy, committed and loyal. They show up on time and step in when family is unable to do it alone. I was very grateful to have Sheri and Gina, among other staff, work with diligence to care for my mother in her final years, my very independent grandmother who was over 100, and finally my father who adored the people at LifeTouch as his own. Anyone who knew my dad understood that he loved people and he always picked amazing human beings to be around! I cannot say enough about how much I admire the people at LifeTouch and I am eternally grateful for their professional and caring services over such a long period of time. They provided stability in multiple ways that allowed our family to feel upmost support. Bless all who work at LifeTouch and those they “touch!”

    • Thank you Marla for far more than
      Your review. You and your father
      taught me to put prayer in motion
      and how to pray. I learned how
      crucial it is to consult my
      Heavenly Father in all
      matters. As we were obedient, it
      began to get fun watching God bless
      and do so many miracles that
      left us all scratching our heads.
      Thank you for the vital role you
      served to help us become who we
      are today in Christ. ~~~ Sherri

    • Thank you Heather for the
      recommendation. Lifetouch
      wouldn’t be around without
      your vision and contribution.
      You’ve taken the backseat when
      It comes to taking much credit
      for Life Touch’s success. But
      anyone that’s been around us
      for very long knows that you
      were my partner and founder of
      the company. And I thank you for
      all that you’ve done. Love you
      little sister – Sherri

  13. I worked with this company taking care of Judy Suber, my neighbor. All the workers were wonderful with her and she loved all her caregivers. She loved Gina and Sheri a lot. They even took her to church with them and to the store. This is a great company to take care of your loved ones.

    • Thank you Naomi – Don’t know how to put
      in words the respect and love I have
      for you. You are one of my role models
      and I love the spirit that you carry.
      May God’s love continue to shine through
      you as you walk in your calling. Love
      to you and the Wren family. You too Rachel.

    • Selena we’re lucky to have you as
      an employee. I love it that you
      Are so dedicated to going to school
      to learn everything you can about
      Nursing. You’re a smack dab in the
      middle of where you’re supposed to
      be. No better feeling than that
      keep up the good work

  14. More than a caregiving service, Life Touch has helped us immeasurably with my mom as she wrestles with Alzheimer’s. They have assisted with securing better doctors for her, offered valuable advice during emergencies and ensured a safe environment in which she can still enjoy independence. Seemingly available any time day or night, they listen to our needs and requests and adapt as needed, working with us to help provide her stimulating, compassionate care. It’s reassuring to have a primary caregiver who is connected to a whole team of support and back-up. As the daughter who is usually out of state, I also rely on their frequent and helpful communication to stay on top of my mom’s health. Life Touch is a great value and I highly recommend.

    • Brittany thank you for the kind
      words. We really feel like part
      of the family—Cats and all.
      Funny how God puts people
      strategically in our lives for
      our good.
      Even at Publix. – Sherri

  15. Life Touch is the most compassionate and professional company I have been with. We go above and beyond to make our clients comfortable and their needs are well taken care of. ever since I became a part of this amazing team of brilliant women, I came across such wonderful clients I grew to love as family. I highly recommend Life Touch , if you want the kindest, most understanding, professional care for your loved ones.

    • Thank you Niesha for your devotion.
      We love your skills and
      professionalism with your
      clients. But most of all your
      heart felt care and patience to
      those you serve.

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